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At Chocolate, we believe in euphoria; a feeling or state of intense excitement and pleasure. We exist to bring about these feelings in others, through the elegant art of creative design, sound, music and moving pictures. Through our mastery of storytelling we seek to move people - to act, to rise up, to consume, to buy.

30 years ago Chocolate was an idea; an idea to create a creative hub, a physical place, where the very best in moving pictures could be brought to life.

But this couldn’t be any old space. 

It had to be an off grid hideout for those in the know. It had to be a word of mouth discovery where people came to find their story. Today, our secret ‘bunker’ remains nestled in the heart of South Melbourne, hidden behind its brutal post modern, industrial facade.

Inside is something of a homage to the TARDIS, as Melbourne’s most intriguing production studio winds in and out of corridors revealing edit and colour suites, shooting spaces, production pods and world class audio facilities.


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We exist to create the ‘chocolate euphoria’ for the wide range of clients whose sanctuary this has become. 

From the seed of the idea, right through to final product. With a full creative team of copywriters, art directors, film directors, cinematographers, editors, VFX artists, animators, composers and audio engineers, we deliver complete campaigns no matter the scale, through the elegant art of design and moving pictures.

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Designed by one of the best acoustic engineers in the business, our world class audio studio boasts full Genelec surround sound monitoring, ideal for vocal recording, instrument tracking or full mixdowns and jingles for advertising. 


The Chocolate crew would love to extend an invitation to you to pop down for a coffee or to hang out and take a listen to our amazing sound room.

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